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The 30 person restriction around funerals is causing headaches for funeral services and some painful thinking for many families, just at a time when they need peace and solidarity with their family and friends. Saying goodbye to a loved one at the funeral is personal and brings some closure for those close to the lost relative.

So, with limitations on numbers, how can live streaming help?

Live streaming gives friends and family unable to attend the service in person the opportunity to watch the funeral via a private video channel in real time, allowing the audience to watch the funeral as it actually happens. A recording of the service is also made available for use by other family members or friends who cannot watch live afterwards (this is known as VOD – Video on demand).

What about privacy, can anyone see the live stream?

Privacy is clearly a matter of concern for families but the use of a private channel with password protection gives everyone the satisfaction of knowing the service can only be seen by those the family want to have access.

Given that funerals cannot be deferred this service means that families and friends have the chance to join the funeral service and feel part of the overall occasion, in real time.

Is this technology new? Does it work for funerals?

This technology has been around for some time. West Coast Films Director, Rob Cox previously worked in live television for a number of years and worked for production companies specialising in live streaming before setting up West Coast Films to provide these services. Our most recent funeral live stream was in Bristol however we operate throughout the UK.

Live Streaming allows family and friends to watch the funeral service as it actually happens, in real time. This means that more than the limit of 30 persons can be exceeded and a much larger audience can see the funeral.

This opportunity to be part of the funeral service has proved to be successful and the privacy that can be offered maintains the dignity of the event.

Please contact a member of our team if you would like to know more about how live streaming works.

(Post By – Alan Evans, Guest Writer)

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